Thursday, November 08, 2007

Here From There

It’s been a long time since I was surrounded by English speaking people. A long time since I’ve looked over the vistas of strip malls peddling those coveted needless items. I notice the order and cleanliness of the west that seemed to be absent in the east. Most of all, I notice the hurried antics of hurried people who hurry to god knows where to hurry up and do god knows what. I let them pass me by; this Philomath is still on Laos time.

There’s a level of comfort coming back to one’s home turf, no matter how distastefully unnecessary certain aspects seem. I’m not sure how this next phase may turn out. I look to Susan Miller’s horoscopes to perhaps give a little structure, or clue, or maybe just a fun read. It tells me things, they’re interesting, helpful in some abstract way. I think about one of my favourite quotes from the Cosmic Muffin: It’s a wise person who rules the stars, it is a fool who is ruled by them. I read the horoscope a few times, feel a little more grounded, but I still am not too sure what’s next. Time to go back to gainful employment, I suppose. It’s quizzically relaxing to think about that prospect.

Where will my quest lead me and with what tone will I document those events? Will I document them at all? I don’t know. I may need to drop off of this blog for a little while in order to focus my energy on more pressing matters, but rest assured, at some time in the future I will again try to share the thoughts of my trip to Samosa.